A small town in Michigan by flint...
how the hell can you get lost in Durand???
by starrstrky September 01, 2005
Top Definition
A small town in North-Western Wisconsin. Also known as "Dirtland" or "Doo-rand" or affectionatley referred to as "D-town." You know you're in Durand when you see a plethora of big trucks, camoflauge, Fox racing shirts, and young girls who think Hollister is the epitome of haute cotoure.
"OMG, you're from DURAND?"
by themizz July 06, 2006
A small town in mid Michigan, west of Flint. Also known as Doo-R and. In the 1970's and 80's it was known for its drive in porno theater called the Do-rand Dirties. They have now been turned into a golf course and driving range. Durand has a higher than normal teen pregnancy rate, drop out rate, and drug problem. A good portion of its economy comes from the residents who commute to Flint to work for the failing GM. You know you are in Durand when you see people roll up to prom on a tractor or semi-truck. Just one of many hell hole suburbs of Flint and Detroit. Also known for up and coming rappers Head, Truck, and Carbon, all catching the eye of Psychopathic Records. Durand is also the home to Michigan's oldest railroad station. Due to this the school districts mascot is the Durand Railroader. Blue and White, Fight Fight
"That girl was Durand worthy"
by cletus judd April 03, 2010
An incredibly large penis.
He's definitely packing a Durand.
by Melanie November 18, 2003
An Indian with an identity crisis. He thinks he is an aryan. He also thinks the Sun isn't the closest star to the Sun, and is jelly of everyone's citizenship status. Plus, he has a small penis.
Raymond: Hey, wanna watch a really awesome video?
Me: Shut your ass and stop being a Durand.
by Cockslapper69 February 08, 2011
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