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To perform the act of dunking on someone during their everyday routine. You can dunk on anyone, by athletically hitting an overhang with either one or both hands and hitting the person getting dunked on with your body, hip, side or shoulder.

It can be a surprise attack and is meant to throw the other person off balance.

You can dunk on overhead stairs, a door overhang or any entrance to a room.
Did you see how hard rog "dunked on" cam?

J, go "dunk on" shaq, lo or devora they are slouched!

Fitz just got Dunked on.

Brian and Jack "dunked on" patrick at least 50 times last night!
by relbik August 21, 2010
To shotgun two beer cans at once. You poke a hole in the bottom of both beer cans, open the top, and drink them as fast as possible without a break.

In reference to COD where you have two guns at once.
Also a reference to the street fighter Kimbo Slice.

You must yell, Akimbo!
After a night of drinking, William and Jack yelled Akimbo as they "akimbo shotgun" both beers at once!
by relbik August 21, 2010
To shotgun two beer cans at once.

A quick way to catch up at a party.
Before a few beer pong games, Nick and Jack "akimbo shotgun" two beers.
by relbik August 22, 2010

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