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Like a douche for the bottom.
When one is acting like a douche, but a bit over the top and a bit of asshole added in. (i.e. Stop cheating at spoons, you dunch-bag!)
by Cavid Brattlesbottom March 07, 2008
someone who is a douche, cunt, and bitch all rolled into one
Kim asked to copy my Psych homework, and when the teacher caught her she turned me in. She's such a dunch.
by Shawn3 February 04, 2008
slang term for vagina, frequently used for midday "romp".
We asked Randy to come along, but he's skipping lunch for dunch.
by Jaii October 24, 2007
a meal in between dinner and Lunch. Dunch
Hey katie, want to meet up for some Dunch?
by suprblondie384 September 22, 2007
The thin flap of skin that connects the shaft of the penis to the ballsack.
"Yo, nibble on my dunch, bitch"
by Sizzlestein March 26, 2007
1) The worst possible thing you could be in human existence; a word that surpasses that of douche bag

2) Performing an act that puts your worst intrests in front of your good friends
1) "No Brian, that joke isn't funny, ya dunch!"

2) We dunched James when we left him in bed to go take the final.
by Yanners September 09, 2006
a huge shit, too big to be labeled a huge shit. Can be used in the verb or noun form
I dunched in their room's toilet to avoid the smell.
by p paps March 21, 2006