A dump taken after or resulting from a large lunch.
As soon as I got back to the office I had to run to the bathroom for a wicked dunch.
by Drewwerd September 16, 2008
is a bitch and can be used in any way bitch can be used
you stupid dunch
by leondaman August 21, 2008
Stupid or unintelligible
It was pretty dunch of you to do that!
by DinenNSaelis July 10, 2008
A meal between lunch and dinner
I woke up late this morning and wound up eating dunch around 4 o'clock.
by MW713 May 15, 2008

1) A derogatory term for a day student at a boarding school Very offensive.

2) The meal between "Lunch" and "Dinner". It is very similar but not be confused with "Linner".
Guy #1: Hey, do you wanna eat some dunch with me later?
Guy #2: Nah, I gonna eat dinner with my mommy and my daddy. I'm SO cool.
Guy #1: Fucking dunch...
by fgbm27 March 17, 2008
A TYpE of MARIJUANa That is sort of a mythical type of haze spoken only when under influence of marijuana
yo man im so gifted we should blaze some more dunch haZEE
by ESCoOO February 18, 2008
someone who is a douche, cunt, and bitch all rolled into one
Kim asked to copy my Psych homework, and when the teacher caught her she turned me in. She's such a dunch.
by Shawn3 February 04, 2008

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