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A male or female individual who frequently partakes in promiscuous, slutty, behavior.
Noun form:
Me: "That chick is a total dunch man, I would be careful..."
Friend: "Are you kidding? Easy pickings! HEYOOOOO!"

Adjective form:
"Wow, Rebecca has been acting pretty dunchy lately. Apparently she got a cleveland steamer from Roger!"
by TheW1tchDoctor October 01, 2011
when a girl is giving head, and the guy vomits.
oh my god they totally dunched last night, it was nasty!
by marshaaaaa77 August 17, 2011
The groin region between front and back, similar to a taint.
I was having a good day, until I walked in on Chris and Colleen smashing dunch in the tool shed.

Justin Hauser was being a dunch, so I gave him a punch in the dunch.
by Trent, from Bishop May 06, 2011
the act of eating out someons butt, or butthole. (verb)
Dunch me!!!

Person 1- "What's your fetish"
Person 2- "I love dunching!!!"
Person 1- "What's that?"
Person 2- "Let me show you!!!" <dunches person 1>
Person 1- "Wow, that felt great, thanks for dunch"
by geniuskidm April 19, 2011
To vigorously rape or to teabag a dead body.
While playing halo Jimmy said"Dunch the body"after one of his teammates killed a very annoying player.
by The Duncher February 14, 2011
The insertion of a garden hose into one's vagina for the purpose of removing sand
I have so much sand in my vagina" "All you need is a good dunch
by tmc12345 January 13, 2011
Time between dinner and lunch.

Generally between 5:00 -6:30.
Hey baby, I just found a McDonalds giftcard, you wanna come out for dunch with me?
by drago10029 October 18, 2010