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Having a poop.
Bender - 'Call me old fashioned but I like a dump to be as memorable as it is devastating.'
by Hello its M D July 24, 2008
24 11
taking a shit
"im gonna go take a dump"
by BATMAN January 07, 2003
1438 209
to shit; or the actual shit
Wow Kate...I just took a huge dump in your toilet. It might explode.
by Mrs. Bobby Johnson December 16, 2005
686 217
to rid ones self of a lover
by farty gurkin June 12, 2003
662 277
Thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have a attractively round shape. Commonly used in the phrase "she's got dumps in the truck," meaning she has a big ass and thighs.
Person 1: Yo check out that chick right there...she gotta nice ass yo..
Person 2: Damn, that bitch got some dumps in the truck.
Person 3: Word
by Stunna April 14, 2003
203 72
something you leave in the toilet and not take it
"I am going to take a dump."
"No you arent You are going to leave it."
by Leaver of dumps January 10, 2008
225 107
A large, incredibly unattractive female with high libido and few inhibitions, often found at parties trying to hook up with guys too drunk to know any better.

Usage is largely restricted to the northeastern United States, particularly around Boston.
"Did you see that girl I hooked up with last night? She was atrocious." -John

"Yeah, I know. You need to stop hooking up with dumps." -Alex


"I haven't gotten any in so long that I'm thinking about hooking up with a dump." -Willard

"That's your call, man, but you better get really drunk before the attempt." -Brad
by dump-hunter December 17, 2007
252 146
Slang, for the act of either excreting or breaking up with a partner.
"i'm gonna go take a 'dump'" / "your Dumped"
by T & T February 16, 2007
230 133