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When hooking up, wearing a condom under the boxers and pulling the pitched tent out of the unzipped fly of the pants to penetrate the female from behind with 2 layers of protection (condom and boxers).
Brant duffel bagged that poor girl...what a douche.
by agoodfriend October 24, 2006
A triple layer hook up: doing a girl from behind with condom, boxers, and pants unzipped but still on.
Brent was worried about protection, so he went for the duffel bag.
by lovesthecocky October 24, 2006
The act of two men double teaming a girl sexually with their penis's (one in the vagina and one in the mouth) while suspending her in air by holding her legs and arms up like a piece of luggage.
Charles and Sam duffel-bagged that girl from the party in the bathroom last night.
by togoodtobetrue123 January 10, 2011
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