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The ultimate/coolest flat or house that is owned by the ultimate/coolest people. Common features include a half pipe, bmx and or skateboard etc, porn, evidence of drug taking, the latest technology, 3 types of games console and random dudes and woman sleeping around the place after a party. Typical residents include a smart guy/nerd/geek, a waster pothead, a skater, a babe, and rarely the ultimate dude. The ultimate dude is basically all of the above people combined (apart from the babe ¬.¬), though somehow manges to earn a lot of money and has a really cool job.
Our dude pad is epic.
by fisheyelens August 20, 2008
Refers to the apparent increase in muscle mass shortly after a workout. In some cases it may be used to say that a person is working out, often before an event when taking your shirt off is appropriate. ie. boating
bro: I just fired up the engines, called some girls and threw some beers in the boat. Get your ass out here.

Dude: Give me 30, I need to hit Gold's and throw my dude pads on.
by lebowski9er May 14, 2007