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3 definitions by lebowski9er

A person who ruins someones attempt to close some ass.
You: Your buddy Brett needs to go, he's pouring salt all over my game.

Buddy: Yeah, he's a well known game salter in the community
by lebowski9er March 06, 2008
9 1
Refers to the apparent increase in muscle mass shortly after a workout. In some cases it may be used to say that a person is working out, often before an event when taking your shirt off is appropriate. ie. boating
bro: I just fired up the engines, called some girls and threw some beers in the boat. Get your ass out here.

Dude: Give me 30, I need to hit Gold's and throw my dude pads on.
by lebowski9er May 14, 2007
2 3
when a guy goes tanning. may be forced indoor tanning(usually shunned)or an outdoor tan(shunned but more respected than the indoor tan)
"I think I might get my man tan on today"
by lebowski9er May 14, 2007
3 10