a facial expression which bares the similarities of a duck. As the mouth is squished and pushed upwards to a sucked in nose, thus giving the look of a duck. This idiotic, yet remarkable expression used at Indian gatherings is only reserved for the unintelligent, mentally retarded! :P
Chrysler:"yo do the duck face dawg"
Anonymous:"k *duck face*...bahaha"
by Mr. Rightt April 15, 2013
Something non-black females do to appear to have the lusciousness of black females, to no avail.
Those white women always make duckfaces, when they should be happy with their non-existent lips.
by Cboneofenglewood July 01, 2013
A look only fully acquired by those that have the ability to do the goose/duck walk. The walk involves a booty shake and/or body role while walking. The duckface is the cherry on top of the cake that follows this hilarious walk. It should only be used to help the goose/duck walker feel as serious as possible when doing this adorable walk. It can also be used as a reminder of the goose/duck walk.
Refer to the goose scene in the Disney Movie The Aristocats, "Think Goose."
I could not stop laughing when they did their goose walk. That shit is hilarious. Her duckface reminds me of the walk and puts me in a good mood every time I see it.
by Quackonthat June 09, 2010
A derogatory noun in which an offending letter F has been replaced with a D.

Designed to circumvent censorship and prevent the offence of delicate sensibilities in polite company.

Created by Richard Curtis in the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.
- Aw, hell, that chick is a real F...Duckface.
by stevewithak June 09, 2010
word used to describe a JERK.
"Stop being such a duckface"
by clementstry May 01, 2009

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