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Something that would work really well on the Nintendo Wii games console, it would mean a game concept or idea would work particularly well on the Wiimote (the new motion sensitive controller)
A fishin game would be kinda wiitarded but a lightsaber game would be fuckin wiitastic
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
A name for someone who is exceedingly dumb, hence the term dum dum

its a cute and condescending name for a dumb person

Terry: you spelt dumb wrong

Rob:Terry.......you missed the point you're such a god dam dum dum
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
Cinderella + Fag = Fagarella

Not just a fag but a fag and a big girl, an extremely offenisive word used to describe someone whos not only gay but acts like a big pink girly woman
Tom: wowy Rob look at all this purty stuff I wish I had purty stuff like that

Rob: Tom Shut up you complete Fagarella
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
MAAAAAneh is a feeling or way of describing something boring/meaningless/or just something you have no interest in. As a feeling it means to be bored unsure of what to do/say you feel slighty out of place lost even, much like the word BLEH.

It can also be used in a conversation to show disinterest or you cant think of what to say back in an argument.
1. Jimmy - Man theres nothing to do nothing I WANT to do, I feel so.............so MAAAAAneh, know what I mean?

Joey - ehhh no

2. Mary - Look you cant argue with it Batman could kick spidermans ass, spidermans a complete FAGtard

Tom - MAAAAAneh

Mary - ......
by madgreendayfan October 03, 2006
Alternate way of saying Ridiculous, its like how a child would pronounce it and can be used in a situation to purposefully make yourself sound stupid/immature to get some point across.......or just to annoy someone
1 - Timmy O Toole: Shit I just got taxed to the fuckin BALLS

Cockface Johnson: wow man thats duriculous

2 - Maximus Morillion: Holy testical tuesday I just got a great idea, lets put diapers on our heads and start another lame ass dumb trend

Fatty bumson: .......thats just fuckin duriculous you dum dum
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
Has alot of meanings

1. As a name, or a cool nickname as in Tre Cool from Green Day

2. Meaning "very VERY", more empahisis than very alone

3. As a dream, Tre is something exceedingly cool that you desire but dont have or is just a dream something that you cant ever have because it never existed so its your holy grail your untouchable dream that cant ever be fulfilled. It can be anything but most likely a person, like you're dream girl
1. Hey Tre you goin down to the beach to scare some kiddys away?

2. wow you're lookin Tre sexy tonight baby

3. my dream girl? that would be a smart funny sexy ass girly who can hold her vodka, thats my Tre
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
A childishly fun phrase one would say during a moment of intense excitement or pleasure

Or as a name for a overly cool and hyper person
Casey: Hey guess what, Jayden asked me out today

Bob: Whoo YIP YAY, thats awesome I guess ya wont be needin that cattle prod anymore...
by madgreendayfan October 09, 2006
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