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A look that is only acceptable if you happen to be a duck.
-"Hey look, that duck is making a duckface!"

-"Hey look, that girl is making a duckface!"
by bobboy67 March 11, 2012
Similar to pouting. It is to express double the emotion of a pout, so instead of simply jutting out your bottom lip, you push them both out, making you look like a duck.
"Don't make that Duck Face at me, I was just kidding."
by Mair Mair September 13, 2006
Duckface- the face people make (mostly female) while taking pictures, usually for myspace, facebook ect. that resembles the face of some one about to kiss another.
that bitch has fifteen pictures, all of witch she's making a duckface.

"I would love to smack the duckface off of her."

"So, i walked in to the restroom at McDonalds and some ho was making duckfaces in the mirror."
by dayman255 August 16, 2011
Making one's lips appear to be similar to a puckered anus.
Did you see that girl who did the duck face? It was horrendous!
by Christian-Alvestam May 28, 2012
The facial expression for "I want a cock in my mouth." - does quite look like giving a blowjob without the "job".
Jenna: *Duck face*
Bobby: Alright, I'm ready when you are *unzips pants*
Jenna: OMG naw i don't want to suck your three inch.
Bobby: You do realize that you look like you want to give somebody a blowjob, right?
Jenna: OMG NO, Duckface is soo cute and swagger.
Bobby: *Idiots and swaggots these days.*
*NOTE: The characters mentioned are in no-way related to any other person, real or fictional. Any possible resemblance is coincidental and is unintended.
by Bill Mach January 19, 2012
a girls craving to get some fat dick stuffed into her mouth
omg i love duck faces
by fuckdaze February 28, 2012
a facial expression which bares the similarities of a duck. As the mouth is squished and pushed upwards to a sucked in nose, thus giving the look of a duck. This idiotic, yet remarkable expression used at Indian gatherings is only reserved for the unintelligent, mentally retarded! :P
Chrysler:"yo do the duck face dawg"
Anonymous:"k *duck face*...bahaha"
by Mr. Rightt April 15, 2013