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A pointless exclamation made by "that guy" at a party. An attempted "douche-chill" tool comment. When said, the speaker is asking to get hit in their balls.
Guy with a popped collar: Duchenne!


Guy with a popped collar: Ow. My balls.
by Robert Fett April 22, 2011
1. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Clay Matthews appeared in television commercials in support of finding a cure for DHD.

2. Can refer to people who are clueless (such as tourists), appear to be lost at all times, people who get in the way, people who walk slow, or are just generally retarded.

3. Someone who is incredibly high and cannot function properly in a normal sense.

4. The morning after a night of excessive intoxication.
1. "Oh man, did you see Clay Matthews giving everyone the business on Duchenne?"

2. "All of these fucking tourists must have duchenne, do they really need to block the entire intersection during rush hour to look at their tourist maps?"

3. "Naw I can't go out tonight. I smoked too much and have some serious duchenne."

4. "Dude I found the Windex in the fridge this of us has duchenne"
by Tbru5T April 06, 2011
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