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"Di Ma Da" dee.h - mah - dah

A Cebuano (Filipino) phrase turned acronym. Originated from the stressed students of society. Translated, it means "It's too much too handle", "I can't take it anymore" or "I can't do this". A common situation when spoken would be when a teacher piles a student with an astounding amount of homework paired with several tests, all due in the following days to come.
Student 1: Bai, musta naman? (Dude, how's it going?)
Student 2: Kapoy, bai! Nag-puno nasad akong maestra ug homework! Usa ka term paper, usa ka reaction paper dayon usa ka diorama pajud! Gi-atay. (Tiring, dude! My teacher piled me up with homework again! One term paper, one reaction paper and one diorama too! Shit.)
Student 1: Taya. Naa pud kay test noh? (Damn. You have a test too, huh?)
Student 2: Oo, tulo. Ahak, DMD najud. (Yeah, three. Shit, I can't do this anymore.)
by Cdusian #1782457834569237 August 21, 2010
Dick me down
“Did you see that guy over there?!” “Yas girl, he can DMD any day”
by angry chloe February 19, 2015
Acronym for Dick Meat Density.
Doctor told me I need to lose some weight but I pointed out my high DMD and he quickly realized his mistake.
by Am13 December 30, 2013
diet moutain dew.
the best pop ever made.
a light delicous soda:)
dude! i thirsty go get me some dmd!!
by Hayley2729 April 26, 2008
Dmd stands for 'do my dad'
one may shout to a good friend when drunken and trying to grab their attention. Why don't u just 'do my dad' shortened to D.M.D often when no other insult will alert them!

Basically telling them to fuck your dad!
A 2011 version of 'your mom'
( with added terosterone)
by Captain gashicus April 22, 2011
Do Me Daddy
Did you see David Beckham's Armani Exchange underwear ads?

Yeah, DMD!
by ReynaBetch December 08, 2011
Stands for Doo Doo. Mama. District. Originally Used At Kearny High School In San Diego, California. DMD Actually Stands For Digital Media & Design And It's The Name Of One Of The Four Small Schools At Kearny. The School Consist Of A Wide Variaty Of Doo Doo Mamas And Ratchetts Therefore People started Calling It Doo Doo Momma District.
DMD Is Basically A Way To Describe A Place Where There's A Lot Of Doo Doo Mamas.
Jj: Aye you tryna go to southeast today?

Nico: Naw Bro, Thats DMD
by asadfghjkl May 09, 2011

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