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White Plains, New York.
The home town of the biggest ballers on the East Coast.
Boy one: Yo that guy's so chill!

Boy two: Yeah that's because he's from Dubset
by If I wasnt so chill I'd be you December 13, 2010
A word used to described to describe a person, place, or thing. Means cool or White Plains NY.
Iron man was a dubset movie. It was freaking awesome.
by Cocasian May 18, 2010
The ultimate music solution... An absolute necessity for working out, studying, road trips and house parties.Mixes from the best DJs in the world, recorded at the hottest clubs and most exclusive events on the planet.
Download Dubset... It's the best thing that's happened to working out since the sports bra.
by the DUBSETTER January 28, 2011