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A word used to described to describe a person, place, or thing. Means cool or White Plains NY.
Iron man was a dubset movie. It was freaking awesome.
by Cocasian May 18, 2010
When someone makes an impossible catch.

Can be used either to describe it or shouted when the catch is made.
Mr. Friedman walked into class and an angry black girl threw a desk at him. As he caught it his class shouted "AKIVA CATCH".
by Cocasian June 27, 2010
Shouted out when a guy climaxes.

Often used, but not limited to, with rape.
Rosaline: "As he climaxed he shouted out AKIVA BLAST!"
by Cocasian June 27, 2010
1. A person with a last name that has something to do with Africa but is not black.

2. A paranoid person who often uses illegal drugs that shouldn't be illegal and is possibly impident and most likely schizophrenic although not always the case.
Joe: Matt is such an Africano sometimes.
Eric: He's schizophrenic?
Joe: Big time. He's also paranoid.
by Cocasian June 14, 2010

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