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10 definitions by fuji

Origin: a guy named Fuji. It doesn't mean anything. It describes a feeling of anger or the term damnit.
You're trying to do something and you fuck up in the middle of it and you say:
Fuji: shit balls.

then you proceed to try again.
by FuJi March 07, 2005
85 67
Part of the Book "1984", It shows how Big Brother has brainwashed the people so much that they belive 2+2=5.
"... 2+2=4 dude"
"pft not in 1984 it isnt"
by Fuji March 25, 2005
58 42
Originally from the Ali G Show. Invented by ZiLLa. This word means respect.
Man, you don't get no spect.
by fuji March 26, 2005
21 6
Mom I've Already Fucked. Founded at Packet8 by Bret The Hitman Hart.
zilla: Damn, that chicks is hot!
bret: That's a MIAF!
zilla: what?
bret: Mom I've Already Fucked!
by Fuji November 19, 2005
20 6
The Chosen One, he who shalt inherit the Earth and become it's master.

See also overfiend or messiah.
'There is but one Aven, and Fuji is his prophet' - Book of Declarations, 4:16
by Fuji June 25, 2004
52 48
THE PIRATE of internet pirates, god among all other pirates known to man. You had better bow down to him. He and his company are bent on world domination, please support us!
FUJie pwns j00
by Fuji June 16, 2003
2 0
A dude who is for sure a homosexual.
(10:30:33 AM) Ryan O: um...no
(10:30:35 AM) Ryan O: you are a homo
(10:30:40 AM) zilla8x8: foshomo!
(10:30:42 AM) zilla8x8: LOL
(10:30:52 AM) zilla8x8: dude, thats a new word
(10:30:59 AM) zilla8x8: if a dude is gay for sure
(10:31:03 AM) zilla8x8: he's called a foshomo
(10:31:04 AM) zilla8x8: LOL
(10:31:14 AM) zilla8x8: DUDE im hella adding that to urban dictionary

Pronounced: FO-SHO-MO
by fuji March 20, 2008
8 8