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It's when you take yours or someone elses weiner out and start rubbin' it up and down. Most people do this in groups and to pleasure themselves. This action is not safe to do alone. The ending result is when you do that o face and that "white stuff" squirts out of your penis.
"Dude, last night da boyz and I were dubbin' each other off so good."
by Mcoret-nelly April 25, 2008
Used to describe a car with nice rims.
That vw is rubbin and dubbin.
by dds April 05, 2006
Similar to crippin, dubbin refers to the lifestyle of a dub.
I am totally dubbin
by Cdubadar December 31, 2009
Verb. Used to describe when someone is taking double hits out of a community bowl that is being passed. Refers to marijuana.
Shit its puff pass you dirtass! Quit dubbin and pass it on!

You dirty dog, dubbin that while we're distracted!
by joshleighjoy February 24, 2009
like "clubbin'"; It is when you attend a Dub Session.
I went dubbin' last night, glow sticks and all! I had a great time and will go dubbin' next weekend.
by CmTina August 16, 2011
The act of "Moshing" to dubstep metal,

Or a "Dub Wall", Which is making a wall of death while enjoying your dubstep music.
Guy#1: Hey bro, you going to the Skrillex concert tonight?

Guy#2: Yeah man, are you planning on moshing while you're there?

Guy#3:Forget moshing brah, I'm ready to go there and do some Dubbin.
by Billezzy-P July 28, 2011
When you dub someone, you call them a name
u fat cunt!

yo! u got dubbed raw!
by Phunin October 01, 2003
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