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When a crips doin his thang...Like c-walkin...cappin' slobs...and juss repin that good ole' blue flag......
Juss the otha day i saw crip's crippn
by Slob_K_420 October 27, 2003
To stay uneducated, poor, violent, and stupid. To take or give a bullet to the face because a person is "reppin'" incorrectly. To stop using a letter of the alphabet because one is so intent on being a boil on the butt of society. To die early and violently, hopefully before being able to sire a litter of equally violent and stupid offspring.
Got damn, dawg! I fo sho be crippin and reppin' and poppin' cKraps and thuggin bl00dz all dis dizay! Rep Mob Piru Latin Ganksta Five Pointed Nation Blood Sl00b reppin' five poopin' six stoopin' know what im sayin' fo sho muhfugga?! Quick! Shoot me in da face 'cause I tink I gots Shaniqua preg-o-nant!
by Da Real Getto Thug Lyfe Reppin! December 16, 2005
The act of, or belonging to a Crip gang...also describes the lifestyle involved with being a Crip gang member..Living in the moment because tomorrow's not promised today..
It can also refer to "Bailin" wearing your colors and bandana swangin, like Crippin around the bklocc....
we aint diru dippin we steady C- Crippin
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010
The act of being "gangsta" around white brethren. Could also be considered "co-crippin" if assisted by another caucasian male.
Chris: Yo lets get into some gangsta shit tonight.
Doug: Yo you be crippin' fellow white male? Thats not how you should be talking. Enunciate nigga.
Chris: Yeah yo lets call up Dave and co-crip
Doug: SEGA! (see also "sega")
by Co-Cripper October 15, 2009
is when you are crying and trippin' at the same time.
you need to quit crippin man!
by blixer October 06, 2009
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