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A girl with large hips on an otherwise normal body. Used because her body shape is visually reminiscent of a pickup truck with dual rear wheels.
man, that chick would be hot if she wasn't such a dually....
by noelie84 May 10, 2008
The act of having, or saying, two of something.
"Josh and I are going to the mall later"
"How many n00bs are going?"
by Ol' Jonesy April 02, 2013
The act of oral sex given to a man while the woman uses both her hands at the same time to grip the shaft and simultaneously stroke and twist as she sucks.

A man of adequate penis length and a woman of excellent skill is needed to pull off the dually.
The wife was too tired to fuck last night but she gave me a wicked dually.

I brought home flowers for the old lady and got a dually in return.

Woke up this morning and caught a dually before work.
by KN CP December 14, 2013
A computer which runs two processors on one motherboard, often used for servers or in computer farms.
My server is a dually with two 1.6 Xeon LV's running at 3.2 ghz each on an Asus PC-DL.
by Holli4Pirating February 01, 2007
When two people are dully impressed at the same time.
I showed your sisters your pictures and they were dually impressed.
by WallaWallaRick July 27, 2010
A guy who is not gay but is not afriad to fool around with other guys
You fucked that guy last night? your a dually
by mattdawg93 August 03, 2008
A very fat smokey blunt.
We just sittin in the 'lac puffin a dually
by CriticalBeats January 31, 2006
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