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A West Coast based company which builds high end computer cases. They are best known for their double wide cases and their willingness to customize their existing cases or build custom cases to spec.
I'm running both my gaming rig and my server in a custom Duality case from Mountain Mods.
by Holli4Pirating February 01, 2007
A computer which runs two processors on one motherboard, often used for servers or in computer farms.
My server is a dually with two 1.6 Xeon LV's running at 3.2 ghz each on an Asus PC-DL.
by Holli4Pirating February 01, 2007
Any of the AMD Opteron processor steppings which are known for their overclocks, such as the Opteron 146 CABNE or the Opteron 165 CCBBE.
My Opterown runs at 2.75 Ghz on stock volts; 10x multi and 275 on the HTT.
by Holli4Pirating February 01, 2007

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