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A kickass song by the German band, Rammstein.
Du, Du Hast, Du Hast Mich.
by DarkBladeWolf January 04, 2007
167 49
Du hast = you have
Du hasst = you hate

"Du haßt" is grammatically wrong.

Rammstein uses the words "Du, Du hast, Du hast mich" = "You, You have, You have me" meaning "You own/posseses me," however, it's a pun with the meaning of "Du hasst mich - you hate me."
That's it!
by mag70 September 14, 2005
244 65
its wrong
du hast means "you have"
du hasSt means "you hate"
im german i know that
by fabian.gruenbichler October 20, 2003
151 70
Rammstein's lyrics have a double meaning. Said aloud, 'du hahst' could mean 'you hate,' (Du haßt) but it could also be 'you have,' which is what the official lyrics say, and which is what makes sense with 'du hast mich gefragt,' -> 'you have asked me.'
Du hast keine Idee. (You have no idea.)
Du haßt Hunds. (You hate dogs.)
by dk May 25, 2003
56 40
Literally means "you have". The whole thing is "you have me wondered and I have not said". The English version was changed because German grammer is so different from English. In german most past tense words require have before the subject.
by wolfgang May 25, 2003
48 34
You Have.Also An Awesome Song By German Tanz - Metal Band "Rammstein" In The Song, Till Lindenmann Says "Du,Du Hast,Du Hast Mich,Du Hast Mich Gefragt" Which means "you,you have,you have me,you have asked me"
Commonly Mistaken With "Du Hasst" Meaning "You Hate"
Du Hast Mich Gefragt - You Have Asked Me
Du Hasst Mich - You Hate Me
by anmol malik July 10, 2008
32 20
Good (with no religious or moral connotations), insanely cool, sweet ass, weeta.
Originating as an rebellion against conventional adjectives, "duhast" is a symbol of slegan sp33k/culture.
"Duhast idea, s.A.r."
"This peanut butter is duhast."
"Duhast night!"
"SUVs are NOT duhast."
by ema, sma, & s.A.r. June 04, 2004
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