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38 definitions by dk

means well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs
man he must lift and run all day cuz hes shredded.
by DK September 23, 2004
to be stabbed with a sharp piecing instrument. i.e knife or screwdriver.
He shivved the geeky little fucker in the back. Good riddence!!
by DK May 22, 2003
A person with a lot of acne.
damn, joe, your skin is so acnecious! use some face wash!
by DK March 30, 2005
A large gathering of males, drinking and doing nothing.
"Dude, i went to jk's and it was a total bronado. No girls ANYWHERE!"
by DK July 10, 2008
a made up word that can mean whatever u want it to. it is usually an exclamtion though. please use this word and spread it around. I wanna hear a total stranger say this someday.
"Dude your such a popop"
"I won! POPOP!"
by DK June 07, 2004
Rammstein's lyrics have a double meaning. Said aloud, 'du hahst' could mean 'you hate,' (Du haßt) but it could also be 'you have,' which is what the official lyrics say, and which is what makes sense with 'du hast mich gefragt,' -> 'you have asked me.'
Du hast keine Idee. (You have no idea.)
Du haßt Hunds. (You hate dogs.)
by dk May 25, 2003
Literally "white negro". A comical term of endearment used primarily by middle class white people in an effort to emulate the African American tendency to refer to each other in terms of shared ethnicity.
"What's up weegro?"
by DK January 13, 2004