Evan Green
I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints and then I smoke 2 more
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
"druggie" a person that doesnt get up until around 8 at night. doesnt hold down a job. twitches alot. or does stuff like offering sex for money to buy drugs.
an example is my friend who became so stupid that he cant read a watch.
And robs houses for drug money
by kelly porter April 13, 2004
Some one who takes WAY too many "medical" drugs.
Dustin you are a druggie!!!jj
I love you.
by Katilyn May 10, 2003
Someone who uses drugs repetivaly. They usually die from an overdose.
There are so many druggies at our high school.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
those kids dat sit on da johnz in public potties and lite up tampons full of their own special mix
dude1~is da redhead still der watchin yall piss?
dude2~nah. druggie found a stall.
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
kids at my school that look really suspicious, and are mean to a gwennabe like me; some say they're on drugs; shop at Wal*Mart AND at prep stores.
"What's up with you dorky druggies?"
by Gwen Stefani Grrl October 25, 2003
A specific gayass who needs a life, who thinks 'brenda' is the the muffin man. Has a whore for a girlfriend, and thinks he's god's gift. aka Anthony Stoakly... hint hint... STOAK
OMG, druggie is gonna take the bhf!!!!
by RCG210 November 10, 2003
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