Someone who has gone so low with self-esteem (or is just a plain dumbass) that they think the only way to have fun is with the use of drugs.
"Hey look at that druggie over there! Lets go fuck with his head!"
by Dragonslayer1318 September 19, 2005
1.Someone who is so weak in the head, they must resort to using various illegal substances. Then, after complaining about the "Man" putting them down for several years, decide the time is for them to quit, and they find it "hard" and "unbearable" to go through the withdrawals. Because they have the IQ of a rock at that point (they had one of a fruit before they started using drugs), they never realize that they could have avoided the whole process by never starting drugs in the first place.

2. An idiot, and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Multiple years of drug education gone down the drain the second they try a drug. The rehab centers are also a waste. The government tried to help them in the first place by warning them not to start drugs through the school system, why should they be helped out of a self-inflicted problem.
You can tell who's a druggie: Tell an easy to understand joke, and if they laugh 4.5 seconds too late, they are a druggie.
by Farteroffire February 12, 2008

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