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a word with various uses and definitions.
1.)Can be used as an adjective in LISHous which means bangin, scrumptous, off the chain, etc.
2.)Also can be used to decsribe something that is at the top of its game (the best...holla)
3.)Sometimes used as a verb with no actual definition
1.) dag yo, that album is lish as hell playa
2.) i am the lish.
3.) lishmeh please
4.) dont give me that lish suckka
by spiderman September 08, 2004
Get back to me and let me know the status on that my good friend
by spiderman April 30, 2003
the word "druggy" refers to a person that abuses drugs.
One day that druggy Joe Parker will die from all that abuse
by spiderman February 03, 2003
Name derived from the amalgamation of the abreviation of two common proper names (e.g. Julie and Luc). Also used to describe a north american cult leader renowned for counting beans and wearing a crown. May be used as an adjective (see example below).
Oh My God!! I've been Julufied!!
by Spiderman August 12, 2004
A Myth

A creature that is spoken of, but never seen. All evidence of existence is hearsay.
Gigas is a myth.
by Spiderman June 06, 2003
the paradigm of coolness
Dude that was so boerenomlet.
by Spiderman April 17, 2003
Motherfucking retard who thinks he's good and he sings fucking ugly bitch childish eat-a-cookie fuckface dickhead retarded idiot motherfucking bad.

He's gay, has 20 kilos of gums and won the Dutch Idols crap stupid game which only took space for USEFUL programs. He even started crying when he won, the little bastard fucking baby idiot moron.

Haha, you have so many gums! You're like a Jamai!
by Spiderman July 12, 2003
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