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Mad or angry
That nigga got me fuckin drove when he stunted on me.
by baby_girl November 30, 2003
1. empty headed, absent minded
2. funny, silly
3. goofy
4. acting really ghetto
5. oblivious
6. actin a fool
7. crazy
Acting drove can be either intentional or unintentional
Drove originates from the north side of St. Louis County.
That girl be actin so drove. She put her shirt on inside out and didn't even notice. Drove.

That girl always be losen her damn keys. She looks everywhere and they end up bein in her damn pocket. That's some drove shit.

She's crazy, funny drove.

Her drovosity index is off the charts
by msgoofball October 17, 2007
a word used when someone has been proved wrong or soemone came up with a better comeback then them
Teacher: Laila, please stop or you will go to the office.
Laila: Yea Right.
Laila:~acts as if she won~
Teacher: Okay then. ~pulls laila to office~
Class: DROVE!!!! that girl has just been driven.
by donteatmywaffle July 07, 2009
A term often used to call another person slow or stupid.
Girl 1: Oh my God I'm bleeding, what's the number to 911.

Girl 2: Duh, 911! Damn you drove.
by Ms. Pooh August 03, 2005
to push from behind
Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
to get her poor dog a bone,
but when she bent over,
Old Rover drove her,
and gave her a bone of his own!
by TrimTab June 02, 2011
Usually pertaining to a female, a female who looks like a slut/whore. A girl who has probably been "ran/driven" through by multiple men.
That bitch is drove, she's had sex with my whole group of friends.
by CortezMami October 03, 2011
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