Being drunk and stoned at the same time. DR (drunk)ONED (stoned)
Oh man im so fuckin DRONED!
by Random John July 10, 2003
Top Definition
Death by having a Military Predator drone aircraft kill you by means of a Hellfire missile. Generally used in the past tense.
Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, Al Qeada's former treasurer, was recently droned on the Afghan Pakistan border.
by 801 August 24, 2010
A most beautiful feeling, whose only catalysts are alcohol and pot, thus "dr-" as in drunk and "oned" as in stoned. It's a really crazy, idenifiable feeling that you wish was permanent.
Dude, someone should make a drug that makes you feel droned by itself. That would save time, and it would be terribly addictive!
by Witch's Brew October 12, 2005
When you are drunk and stoned at the same time
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
A state of mind which occurs after smoking enough marijuana and getting drunk to the point where the person who consumes them gets totally wasted.
Last night, I got so droned, I went inside the cupboard looking for Narnia!
by TheBlueBlizzard August 18, 2012
The state of SIMULTANEOUS intoxification by alcohol and cannabis.

drunk + stoned = droned

Originating from the Dutch:

stoned + dronken = stronken
See Jack drink whiskey.
See Jack
smoke weed.

Jack doesn't feel too good.
Jack is droned.
by JoligePool November 19, 2011
When you've snorted mephedrone and you are feeling fucking incredible!
I'm droned out of my nugget!
by t_pickles August 13, 2010
Describes the state of mind when one has drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis concurrently. A state of un-inhibited but relaxed well-being.
'Dude, I drank, like, six beers and smoked a ton of joints at the same time. I was so droned.'
by Lexuality September 20, 2008
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