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A corporate functionary, usually stuck in a dead-end job that requires little mental acuity to perform.
Kinkos workers are all too often droids.
by Ku Genin June 09, 2003
A word to describe awesomeness. Something that is badass.
Person 1: That is awesome
Person 2: Yeah I'd say thats pretty Droid
by texasfan412 January 10, 2010
an urban scrawler from detroit who vandalizes abandoned buildings, highway billboards overpasses, and streetscapes with rollies, markers, and other tools of paint
penises, "droid is a honkey"
by dimmy November 07, 2004
Used back in 50BC a early form of hoody's and likely to be a assassin's like Assassin's Creed
King: Look its a Droid! take him! he maybe a assassin!
Guards: Kill him!!!!!!
by Billza February 14, 2008