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from "android"

- a robot
"In year 2041, scientist will be able to make commercial DROIDS that people will purchase to do house-chores for them and to wipe their ass after they poop"
by slickrick November 26, 2003
"My Friend"

"mf" is used on the net, especially in multi-player game rooms, as a mode of addressing someone - even though you never talked to that person ever before.
-"Hey mf, wanna play one?"
by slickrick November 26, 2003
"three fingers" (3 fingers) :

Term used to describe the action of pressing the ALT-CTRL-DEL keys, all at same time, on a computer keyboard, in order to get to the screen where you can shutdown programs that stop responding.
PC Novice: "How do i terminate this program?"
Tech Support Guy: "Do a '3 fingers', select it from the list, and click "end""
by slickrick November 26, 2003
short for "Budweiser"

Budweiser is the most popular cheap American beer.
to police officer after he pulls you over for driving like a maniac: "I cant be drunk... i only had 1 Bud"
by slickrick November 26, 2003
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