noun cunt

verb to go to the deck quicker than a gay sailors pants

interjection used to express disgust

idioms stop acting the Drogba – to act like a complete cunt without morals or self respect
if someone is acting childish and petulant without just cause, much to the disgust of all watching, then the idiom stop acting the Drogba can be used.
to be used as a verb to describe something which goes to ground quickly, as in "did you see what happened to Heather Mills when she stood on a banana skin? she Drogbaed" or "did you see what happened to Heather Mills knickers when she met a rich man? they Drogbaed"
by mick mc September 20, 2009
Top Definition
Something that goes down easily.
Craig: I was gonna have sex with my wife last night but it went all Drogba on me.
by Jimmyson19 March 01, 2008
Anything in your life that is a fucking disgrace. or anything that happens in your day and is a fucking disgrace.

originates from the 2009 champions league semi final between chelsea and barcelona when drogba thought the result was a fucking disgrace and told millions worldwide on a live television camera.
you mess up a shot when playin football:
oh my god, that shot was such a drogba.

after receiving lots of work to do:
the amount of work the boss gave me is an absolute drogba.
by fabgooner May 12, 2009
Noun: Human excrement with a water-like viscosity, often coinciding with oppresively foul aroma and colour. Usually relating to the condition of gastroenteritous, commonly caused by rotten and/or indian food, or a night spent consuming copius amounts of alcohol (grog-bog).
1.Fuck, that shit i just did was a drogba. Bags not cleaning your toilet bowl.
2.Anal sex ain't fun when your woman is poping drogbas.
by Shmook July 06, 2006
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