Slang for a hydrographer or the conducting hydrographic activities.
He's not just a seaman officer, he's a drog.
Time to go get my drog on.
by BattleDrog July 14, 2008
Top Definition
(verb)- to run at a leisurely, slow pace, as an outdoor exercise while under the influence of alcohol. (aka-drunken jog)
drunk ryan:Hey Brett ready to go for our drog.

drunk brett: im always ready
by ryan1124 December 02, 2008
A blog entry written under the influence of alcohol.
When he was drunk last week, Jeff wrote a drog entry attacking his ex-girlfriend.
(n) A state of disorientation and grogginess lasting several days beyond the consumption of the drug or alcohol extremes that induced it.
"Dude, my mind is still blown from that joint."
"A 2-day constant drog? What kind of a joint was that?"
by s.jacklin October 03, 2011
A totally drunk person who keeps saying he/she isnt drunk. The most common phrase used is
"I swear to drunk im not god!"
Guy1: Drunk damnit! Im not god!
Guy2: Shut up you drog!
by Emerald October 21, 2005
Unexplainable Alcohol,
"Hey Where'd This Grog Come From"
"Its Drog Man"
by TheDrogMan!! January 02, 2010
To be staring at a person you think is hot, when that person is not at all interested. Sometimes includes close talking and/or stalking.
(Nick standing in a bar staring at a hot waitress)
Joe: Phil, check it out, Nick is totally drogging that waitress!

Phil: No kidding, what a drog.
by Drogtastic March 05, 2009
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