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When a drunk person writes a blog entry under the influence.
Jeff found himself drogging on MySpace after drowning his sorrows as a result of breaking up with his girlfriend.
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The act of snogging random people whilst drunk without a care in the world.

Drunken snogging - Drogging.

One might go drogging to cheer themselves up whilst getting over an ex.

A Drog - A drunken snog
A Drogger - The other participant in the drog
"Man! I need to go drogging tonight!"

"How many droggers is that tonight then?"

"How many drogs did i get last night?"

"nahh, i don't fancy him! He's just my drogger!"
by Milly20 April 06, 2009
The unexpected urge to jog while drunk. Also known as drunning (drunk running).
"Me and Stacy went drogging last night cause we couldn't find a DD to drive us back to our place!"

"Oh snaps what a bummer! Hope it wasn't cold out!"
by Jomammaisahottie April 11, 2010

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