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Doped-up Soviet boxer who dealt Apollo Creed a fatal KO during an exibition bout in Las Vegas. Rocky would later avenge Apollo's death by KOing Drago in the 15th round, in Moscow.
I cannot be defeated.
I defeat all man.
Soon, I defeat real champion.
If he dies, he dies.
by Omega Death May 08, 2005
Top Definition
1. A man capable of anything.

2. A guy composed of manliness.

3. Persuasive abilities.

4. Awesome
"It would work if you were a Dragos."
by nvira November 16, 2011
To kill your opponent in an exhibition boxing match.

To experience immense amounts of roid rage.
Ivan Dragoed Apollo in a boxing match. Apollo's funeral soon followed.
by Ivan Drago June 29, 2005
Real Definition:

Dragos means: Dragon, or Dragon blooded. The name's origins come from Romania.
"Dragos has the wrath similar to a dragon"
by fianna November 16, 2011
A derogatory term referring to the negative stereotype of any race of people
If you see an Asian person driving bad - "Learn how to drive you stupid drago!"

If you see black gang member accused of killing someone - "Typical drago!"

If you see a lazy drunk Mexican - "That drago needs to get off his ass!"
by Sara Washington May 24, 2010
a tough guy who doesn't think about what is said, just does what needs to be done.
Ivan Drago, me, and Drako
by Jason Drago May 02, 2007
1. An asshole who is too much of a useless waste of human flesh for you to stand having him around. Could be easily mistaken with a face who got recently slapped with a humid flask penis.

2. A person whose face expression is always the same due to being brutally mentally inadequate.
1. You're such a dragos for saying that!
2. I dont know how you can stand him, he's such a dragos...
by triamcforce September 03, 2015
A Greek person with a very large nose.
That new Greek kid Stavros' nose is huge, what a drago.
by Hidalgo 200 July 17, 2011
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