a man who goes out with ugly girls
chris: What dragos girl look like?
matt: One of my friends said she looked like she got hit in the head with a frying pan
by cw22 October 07, 2008
a guy that struts down the street with pace and waves his hand over his head
look at that guy , he struts like a drago
by pizza hut November 26, 2006
See also: Rocky IV

Doped-up Soviet boxer who dealt Apollo Creed a fatal KO during an exibition bout in Las Vegas. Rocky would later avenge Apollo's death by KOing Drago in the 15th round, in Moscow.
I cannot be defeated.
I defeat all man.
Soon, I defeat real champion.
If he dies, he dies.
by Omega Death May 08, 2005
Are a type of species who are on mIRC alot and need a life..they also, tend to spam quite alot. Do not feed.
OMG ur such a drago! LOL!!!1
by Cloudy-Wolf January 26, 2005
1. An asshole who is too much of a useless waste of human flesh for you to stand having him around. Could be easily mistaken with a face who got recently slapped with a humid flask penis.

2. A person whose face expression is always the same due to being brutally mentally inadequate.
1. You're such a dragos for saying that!
2. I dont know how you can stand him, he's such a dragos...
by triamcforce September 03, 2015

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