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Dragoning started in Ontario, and it is similar to planking and owling. To dragon, one must stand next to an object and pretend to breath fire onto it. While doing this, someone must take a picture of them, which will later be edited to make it seem that fire is actually coming out of their mouth.
Joe: take a picture of me dragoning this fire hydrant !

Hank: this is gunna turn out great when its finished
by dangerous swag dragons July 30, 2011
Affectionately and passionately rubbing your head on someones shoulder.
phil ditch your girlfriend and come dragon me

Phil's Grilfriend- Are you Dragoning him again?
by Gom Tiffiths April 20, 2012
While vomiting, publicly, one makes a flapping movement with one's arms, thus invoking the image of a dragon breathing fire, or in this case vomit.
he just dragoned everywhere, it was... impressive

look at ___ he/she is dragoning! GO! GO! GO!
by Rdoggydogg November 18, 2011
During intercourse, the act of pulling the bedsheets behind your back and flapping them like wings while screaming, DRAGON!!!!!!!
Alejandro decided that the only reasonable way to break up with his girlfriend was by fervid dragoning.
by Nueces River Ranch January 30, 2011
Drinking so many vibrantly colored alcoholic beverages (i.e. boozey juice, watermelon dekuyper pucker, etc.) that your stomach becomes engorged and thus, you "dragon."

In other words, your vom looks like dragon fire. It's pretty impressive.
Brenna: Hey Kira, are you going out tonight?

Kira: Absolutely never. I was dragoning so hard last night.
by Bobbzz June 30, 2011
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