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An extra party member from Chrono Cross for PS1 by Square. He is an odd looking dragon hatchling of multiple colors with to small, fly-like wings. His innate color is red and his Level 7 tech element, "Big Breath" is unlocked by visiting his mother's skeleton in the Other World. He is very small, but packs quite a wallop if given enough chance.
Draggy was found by incubating his egg in the Home World.
by Christian Cruz November 22, 2006
13 6
to be unpleasant; sad. not fortunate
Not having a license is a draggy situation
by paperheart313 September 09, 2011
3 2
Really wimpy dragon character from Chrono Cross. People that use his name as nick are to be considered lame
Hey look at that guy, he's such a Draggy.
by Amagad Lael December 10, 2003
6 27