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Affectionate pronounciation/spelling of dragon.
See also: dwaggie draggy draggie dwagon
Awww, she's such a kyoot dwaggy =^-^=
by Toksyuryel March 06, 2005
A nasty stinky fishy smell.
I would of done filthy things with that girl if she hadn't been so Dwaggy.
by stinkclit September 26, 2006
Dwaggy means that a guy is the dummest creature on the whole planet, if not the universe.
"OMG! That guy is so DWAGGY!"
by notYuffie March 22, 2004
1) Dawgy

2) Admin of www.Boxofhate.com

3) Ruler of north pole
Dwaggy = Lasers.
by Drog January 02, 2004