A girl with exceptionally well formed breasts.
Man 1: "That girl over there is a dozer."
Man 2: "What do you mean?"
Man 1: "As in, dozer some nice tits."

Dozer = Those are
by Deezer February 20, 2006
1. The most kickass jack russell terrier that will ever live in the history of the world.
by happygolucky1669 June 18, 2009
A homosexual; Faggot; One who partakes in homosexual activities with other men.
A queer.
Craving cocks in the ass is straight up Dozer.
by Dozer March 13, 2003
Big girl, Fat girl, wide girl,a gilr that is about as big, heavy, and wide as a bulldozer...
Person 1 "See that dozer over there?"

Person 2 "Yeah, Damn, she looks like she ate Ronald outta big macs!"

Person 1 "50 bucks says i fuk her tonite."

Person 2 "Your on!"
by fallen December 12, 2003
someone of white and philipino decent who loves to shove things up their ass such as beer cans or fingers
you will never guess what philip just said...he asked us to shove a beer can up his ass! silly dozer beer is for drinking
by raul the pool boy January 03, 2008
when you cum on the floor and rub the girls face in the cum, almost like a wheelbarrel
That chick pissed me off so i gave her a dozer, a big one
by shit face January 09, 2005
An awesome Texican Mexican from --- Where else --- Mexico, who is, well, 1337. Especially when you consider he's an Earth mover. Started clan .xD
Dude, Dozer, Have I told you lately that you're 1337?
by Age1 December 29, 2004

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