From an adult's perspective, Dtown is a great place to live, work, hang-out. Nice restaurants, nice parks, nice shops, nice homes, nice people! The teens are great, the school's have a lot going for them. Most teens I know do a lot of volunteer work in the community and are proud of it. I'm glad to know many great, self-less, educated and well-rounded teens in this community. This is something Dtown can be proud of!
Doylestown, home of the "nice" people.
by lulu4 August 27, 2006
Top Definition
People think it's a small town with a bunch of rich kids and big houses...but there is so much more. In Doylestown, Middle School parties get busted by the cops. In Doylestown, drunk is the common language. You'll find a drug dealer on every corner of the town, and it's not unusal to find kids driving around and smoking in their brand new Escalade that they got for their 16th birthday from "mommy and daddy." We hang out in houses bigger than castles and steal our parents alcohol. We also have an extensive list of MIWF's("hott moms"). We bake out our garages when our parents are vacationing in Aruba (staying in a 5 star resort of course). Our private school-ers are way more corrupt than the public school-ers and we live for sports. We live for play-offs and paint our faces for middle-school basketball games. So next time you hear "doylestown is so boring," just look past the historical monuments and focus on the pregnant 16 year old driving a red BMW convertable. PEACE
"Wanna come bake out my new mini-cooper?"
"i wanna bake out your new mini-cooper WITH YOUR MOM!"
by TOWNIES March 01, 2005
Doylestown is a small town in Pennsylvania.
I live in Doylestown.
by Goatse69 June 22, 2005
D-town is a haven. It's a nice small town that has the comforts of suburban lving as well as the excitement of a real town. The adults like to think that Doylestown, Lahaska, and New Hope make a trifecta of Bucks County poshness. The kids like to think that town and all of its crazy townies make us unique and charming in a way no outsiders could understand. Doylestown is a place where most people have money (but not all by any means) but no one really wants to fess up to it. And if they do, they're probably still in middle school. Doylestown is a place where, yeah, finding pot isn't that hard, but it's also a place where you can find amazingly intellectual people musing on a bench or stoop. It's a place where children (read: middle schoolers) infest the streets till about 10:30 in the summer, and then the high schoolers and grads just chill. Doylestown isn't extreme, it's whatever you make it. It's not a stereotype, it's a place with more opportunities than most lazy suburbs, and you should give it some love.
Just another night in Doylestown, "Hey, gimme a smoke, and let me tell you about the time I got chased by the cops."
by Dtowner May 18, 2006
doylestown, falsely advertised as the ideal place where your kids can grow up, yeah, if they want to learn the art of strip poker, beer pong, and who can pack the bowl the fastest. fake i.d.'s?? doylestownies prefer snooping around in our parents licker cabinet while they're sleeping upstairs. walking up and down the same street only to stop at Nat's, planet smoothie, or starbucks for a few hours is a hell of a good time and in doylestown, you're not cool until you roll down that window and call the random kid standing on the corner a fag. yes it's doylestown, yes they're rich and most likely drunk, and yes they are extremely bored (so call up that random kid in your 2nd period class and hook up behind a shady building while your friends stumble around looking for another beer.)
"wanna get drunk and make out?"
by ashley March 03, 2005
doylestown is a haven for rich kids. as much as you bitch about so-and-so's new convertible, you know that you got one just like it last month. everyone complains about how much they hate it and how they can't wait to get get out, but once you do you realize how great you had it there. in short, doylestown is the shit. let's hear it for smoothie's, ritas, and hanging out in parking lots. you know how we do.
the best place to grow up
by dtownlover March 03, 2005
A leafy American suburb located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Other definitions portray Doylestown as one of two things; a drug haven littered with drunk teens, or a yuppie town with sweater wearing yuppie fags. The reality falls in between, and most people in "D-town" as it is so affectionately called, are normal, though admittedly hard working people. Population hovers around 10,000.
Women are reasonably good looking and often drunk or buzzed, but I won't kid you; this isn't a Southern drinking town littered with beautiful women.

Doylestown is a hub for surrounding areas that includes law offices, a courthouse, small businesses, and famed high school football powerhouse Central Bucks West. Lately, they have been mediocre.

Police in Doylestown are quite good, if a little bit too strict. There is not a drug dealer on every corner whatsoever, this isn't some trashy, ghetto town at all. These other definers rip Doylestown down for being a yuppie paradise, and simultaneously destroy it for being a seedy drug haven. It's neither.

Personally, I know many people that laud Doylestown for its small town charm, even though those same people will grumble about the tough driving and parking conditions. Such is life in a small town.
1) Hey let's meet up at Doylestown, hit up a few bars

2) Okay, sounds good, that's a fairly cool town
by spidershark76 March 01, 2010
A small town (but not as small as other towns in bucks county) where all the kids from Perkasie, Sellersville, Warminster, and other surrounding towns come to hang out and laugh at all the yuppie assholes that live there. You can pay 4 bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and all while watching people inside thinking that they are experiencing culture. Siren Records is probably the best store there, and the punk shows there can be kickass. You can get pot or alcohol if you want, but it's usually from some kid who's not old enough to sell drugs. An alright town despite all the yuppie teenagers who think that they're the shit cuz mommy and daddy give them endless amounts of cash to buy drugs. It's really not a bad place, most of the people are ok and its always a good place to meet up with friends. It's just the stupid middle-school kids that turn it to crap.
person 1: hey man wanna go to siren in doylestown tonight? i heard common enemy's playin
peron 2: sure man why not! maybe we can kick some yuppie ass while we're at it.
by strongfridges August 29, 2008

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