Um, we do have the best public schools actually. And this town IS a really good place to grow up in. Nobody can deny that. It's a nice, plesant place... everybody knows everybody, people are cool and friendly, and we have an awesome town area to hang out in, walk around, and shop. (with exceptionally good shops --for ex: BCDG, Chealsea, Something Else, Shop 65, If The Shoe Fits, The Gap, Starbucks, D-Town Bookstore, Nuts Plus, Philly Pretzles, Bagel Barrel, Steak and Hogie, Nat's, Quizno's, and much much more. )

ps.. not everybody is rich around here.. we do have upperclass, middleclass, and lowerclass -- a full range of wealthyness.

So, if your anit-Doylestown.... have you ever even been here to see what its like? Or are you just pulling shit out of your ass to sound funny?
D-Town is sweeeeet place to live. So don't sterio-type it!
by I Live In D-Town March 09, 2005
From an adult's perspective, Dtown is a great place to live, work, hang-out. Nice restaurants, nice parks, nice shops, nice homes, nice people! The teens are great, the school's have a lot going for them. Most teens I know do a lot of volunteer work in the community and are proud of it. I'm glad to know many great, self-less, educated and well-rounded teens in this community. This is something Dtown can be proud of!
Doylestown, home of the "nice" people.
by lulu4 August 27, 2006
Doylestown, the town of rich, white idiots with nothing better to do. Quite possibly the most boring, sheltered place in the USA, it's filled with cocky white morons who find pleasure in eating at the same damn places time and time again, going to the same movie theaters and hanging out at the same places. In other words, it's a town filled with kids too rich for their own good who totally abuse this privelege.
Druggies, rich kids, and wiggers. Welcome to Doylestown.
"Mommy, my iPod broke!"
"That's okay, we'll go pick one up after grocery shopping."

Welcome to Doylestown.
by SirSintastic July 05, 2006
doylestown is the place where high school rilvary is at its best... East and West football games are violent. And you hate the other school even if its right down the road from you. East is the rich snobs while west is the pot heads... while in reality they both have the same thing! we all hang in parking lots til the cops kick us out because theres nothing better to do. And everyone is so freakin rich.. but if you think about it you wouldnt change it for the world, you love your rich life
where do you go?
ewww pot head
by dtownjunkie March 22, 2005
kiki, wtf are you talking about, "new money" "uneducated mothers".. you are full of shit.
im kiki and i have a stick up my ass.
by Doylestownian March 06, 2005
Doylestown is the shit and Kiki is just jealous that she/he/it doesn't live here. And by the way, my mother is an ER nurse in a hospital that probably saved Kiki's ugly mother's life and is probably smarter than hers, I do not come from "new money" and I went to private school!
Kiki wants to live in Doylestown because the people who live there fuckin rock!
by DtownJCP March 11, 2005
Doylestown, or D-town as the local trust fund babies like to call it is one of the best suburbs to grow up in. There is no crime, no poverty, and no concern for anyone else. We live the life of a movie. Just ask anyone that comes to the town. What is normal for us seems like something out of a movie set for other people. The kids spend their days trying to buy beer, liquir or pot for the night, while their parents are hard at work keeping their overprivlaged ass in the lifestyle they are used to. During the summer you won't find many kids in doylestown becuase most of the time we are at our beach houses or vacationing somewhere your ghetto ass will never get to go. So when you drive through Doylestown, try to drive fast, becuase we don't want you in our town complaining about the kids driving more expensive cars than most adults, and drooling over the houses. Actually better yet just take the 611 bypass, it will make us look bad if you are in our town. Thanx
You'd live here if you could
by I'mDeep March 08, 2005
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