doylestown in the epitomie of rich. beemers and mercedes can be found in the high school parking lot, and "legalize it" written anywhere possible. the rock is symbolic and the east west game is what it is all about. most kids spend their weekends drinking in their friends' basements or or riding through town with the windows down and the music turned up. and what night would be complete without nat's, starbucks or planet smoothie? not to mention spending two hours in the parking lot of that is a place to raise your kids!
doylestown is tradmarked by the townies
by aberkimbienfitch June 24, 2006
This is in response to the first "definition". I have never met a drug dealer on a corner. I have never seen a pregnant girl in school. Kill yourself you ignorant moron. Doylestown is a boring upperclass town.
PS I paid for my own car, a 1990 acura integra. Kill yourself.
Kill yourself if you think Doylestown is bad, oh yea and check Doylestown's crime percentage, and also its school rating. (I win)
by Leppy March 13, 2005
The underground headquarters of the sinister/clandestine "Doylestown Borough Seccesionist Movement". The revolution is just around the corner!
Bring your ski-masks and molotov cocktails to Doylestown so we can plot the assualt on the fuckin' courthouse.
A world where priviledged people live. You may say that a dug dealer is on every corner, but funny I haven't ever seen one. That kinda stuff is only in the private schools. It's a place taken right out of the movies, a place where everything is picture perfect. Nats, planet smoothie, and starbucks are all the fun hangouts where you know u will see all of your friends. Parties occur every weekend on farms or at large houses. It's a rockin place to be, and if you get tired of it, there is always philly to escape to for a weekend. But no matter what you will always come back to D*TOWN!!!!
D*Town was rockin cause i saw everyone i knew from school just chillin at star bucks.
by D*TOWN ROCKS!!!! May 10, 2005
doylestown is an amazing place that gay people like kiki are jealous cuz they dont live there..yes it is true most of us are getting drunk and a drug dealer with his backpack of herb can be found on almost every well as the local kids getting kicked off the sidewalk because their loitering when really their straight edge kids that are not as badass as the fuzz think..and yes i do chill in town almost every is my life and kiki should just be shot.
"dude you wanna go to town tonite"
"Sure well get drunk, buy some maryjane and get kicked of the sidewalk by goddamn cops."
by hott emo sexx May 07, 2005
Doylestown is a place where suburban kids think they know what the real world is like, but are really a bunch of rich bitches. They smoke and drink yes, have fun, have intercourse. most parents are alcoholics and hang out at a local night spought the freight house.
" We are the BCB! we hard!"
by delicious March 03, 2005
Doylestown has many things to offer ; nice houses, mountainesk landscapes and beautiful farms covering much of the area....and perhaps one of the underestimated drug and alcohol seens in PA. If you are an outsider, i would not recommend vising, unless you want to get your hands on an 8th, or a few handles, and that is only if you feel comfortable buying if from a 8th grader who stole the pot from his father and the alchy from his neighbors garage. And most likely, you will end up getting ripped off because thats what people do in D-town. If you drive here, hide your becaue they will key it, if you run here tie your shoes, cause they will steal your laces, and if you plan on moving here, they will romp your lawn, egg your house, and take a number two on your doorstep, all because they can, and think they could buy you if we wanted. Doylestown is a wonderful place to be, if you are from around here.
"What do you want to do tonite?"
"I dont know, same as usual?"
"SWEET! Lets get stoned and egg some faggits house!"
by MR Boner March 03, 2005
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