A small town (but not as small as other towns in bucks county) where all the kids from Perkasie, Sellersville, Warminster, and other surrounding towns come to hang out and laugh at all the yuppie assholes that live there. You can pay 4 bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and all while watching people inside thinking that they are experiencing culture. Siren Records is probably the best store there, and the punk shows there can be kickass. You can get pot or alcohol if you want, but it's usually from some kid who's not old enough to sell drugs. An alright town despite all the yuppie teenagers who think that they're the shit cuz mommy and daddy give them endless amounts of cash to buy drugs. It's really not a bad place, most of the people are ok and its always a good place to meet up with friends. It's just the stupid middle-school kids that turn it to crap.
person 1: hey man wanna go to siren in doylestown tonight? i heard common enemy's playin
peron 2: sure man why not! maybe we can kick some yuppie ass while we're at it.
by strongfridges August 29, 2008
In response to Pappy: You obviously haven't lived here for very long. In high school (at both East and West) I knew several girls who were pregnant, had already had a kid, or an abortion. There are in fact drug dealers everywhere, I know, because I used to be one of them. This would be a great place to raise your kids if you don't mind them smoking lots of pot and eating shrooms, and aren't worried about the fact that the gutterpunks can show them how to take one easy train ride to Fern Rock and pick up crack and heroin. And no, I'm not exaggerating. In recent years the town has been built up, so the random drug-addled hippies and willfully uneducated wiggers are lost in a sea of clueless tourist yuppies from the surrounding areas who are going to get hit by my car if they don't learn how to cross a street properly, but they are still there somewhere, I promise. On a lighter note, you can get by far the best hot wings ever down at the Mesquito Grille.
"I'm out of pot again."

"it's cool, we can ride down to Doylestown and get some from my guy."
by (god's gift) Magg0t August 02, 2009
n. A place for kids who think they're pretty fucking badass, but aren't. In reference to the other definitions citing how everyone in D-town gets drunk, has parties, and there's a drug dealer on every corner- welcome to the world. You should check out New York- it'll blow your mind. In fact, my drug dealer is pretty damn friendly and doesn't even sell crack, as any real drug dealer would. You know you're in a safe and pretty un-corrupt neighborhood when your dealer isn't packing. Sure, the girls here are mostly drug sluts, and the guys are pretty sleazy, but the real corruption in Doylestown doesn't come from the local potheads, but rather from the rich yuppy tourists who invade our streets like a plague, looking with scorn on us who live here while sipping their non-fat lattes and shopping for hundred dollar shoes. The police serve to further these assholes' power by aggressively ushering local kids off the sidewalks. The rich bastards contaminating Doylestown and destroying Bucks Country with their crappy tin development houses are in for a shock when the Doylestown Communists begin the revolution.
"Shit man, I'm so badass, I live in Doylestown and I can buy pot foshizzle, shit, yo!"
"Shut up, Ernest, you're white and you live in a $600,000 house. Plus we'd have to get mom to drive us there en route to her hair appointment and that'd stress her out to the point of taking her Valium, when she'll notice half of it is gone."
by anti-social socialist March 20, 2005
Doylestown - a quiet suburb on the outside, an underworld of overprivilaged, strung out drunk middle school brats on the inside. Filled with useless teenieboppers, it is impossible to walk through Doylestown without getting approached by a teen with money their mother gave them - "Can you buy me cigarettes? I'll give you ten dollars for a pack." With starbucks as the gathering point, cigarette puffing teenagers are shuffled through the streets by toolbag cop "lingo".
Doylestown Girl: Can I bum a cig off you?
Me: How old are you? 12?
Girl: Actually I just turned 13.
by Tyler Purcell June 10, 2008
Doylestown is a small town in PA. Its true that most people who live here are rich, but not everyone is. Yes you can find a drug dealer on some corners and maybe the kids go out and get drunk a lot, but kids do that in a lot of towns. Doylestown gets a bad rep because some douchebags have to go out, play ghetto, and try to be cool even though there just rich white kids. Sure, its true my parents gave me a car for my 16th birthday, and maybe it was a BMW, but that doesnt mean im a bad person or live in an awful town. Doylestown is a great place, its has lots of shops, is a very caring community with lots of nice people, and is the hub for the 2nd best school district in PA. Lots of people may be rich but that happens when a community is surrounded by the summer estates of rich New Yorkers. Doylestown is a great place, and its has its problems like and other town its size.
Doylestown is a lovely place to live if you can afford the expense
by cblacrosse66 August 04, 2008
One of the nicest towns to raise kids. Most of the so-called "spoiled children" of Dtown are being raised by stay-at-home mothers who are former professionals in medicine, law, business, etc. We have a community with much to offer families and kids of all ages in terms of culture, education and social activities. We have wonderful museums, parks programs, swimming clubs, sports leagues, lakes, rivers, playgrounds and cultural events. Kids who grow up here have a charmed life in a good sense. Don't let the few bad apples spoil the picture. Where else can you find a 20-million dollar state of the art Mercedes-Benz dealership, a few hundred feet from a well-hidden K-mart and dollar store? BTW, the castle-like opulent, Mercedes dealer has a fiber-glass mule dressed as a construction worker parked outside the front entrance. Too cool!
let's go to First Friday, hear the bands at Star Park.
love the Doylestown Bookshop
Kids love the Japanese, "Iron chef"-style cooking at OOKA's
Kids Castle
Mercer Museum
Fanny Chapman swim club
by lulu4 August 08, 2006
Um, we do have the best public schools actually. And this town IS a really good place to grow up in. Nobody can deny that. It's a nice, plesant place... everybody knows everybody, people are cool and friendly, and we have an awesome town area to hang out in, walk around, and shop. (with exceptionally good shops --for ex: BCDG, Chealsea, Something Else, Shop 65, If The Shoe Fits, The Gap, Starbucks, D-Town Bookstore, Nuts Plus, Philly Pretzles, Bagel Barrel, Steak and Hogie, Nat's, Quizno's, and much much more. )

ps.. not everybody is rich around here.. we do have upperclass, middleclass, and lowerclass -- a full range of wealthyness.

So, if your anit-Doylestown.... have you ever even been here to see what its like? Or are you just pulling shit out of your ass to sound funny?
D-Town is sweeeeet place to live. So don't sterio-type it!
by I Live In D-Town March 09, 2005

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