Synonym for Facebook.

A company or person that tries to copyright common language words and then proceeds to sue humanity for their usage.

A controlling asshole of humanity of Rupert Murdoch proportions.

A very sad and lonely person with no friends whatsoever, who hates the world, but can't do the right thing and go jump under a train.
Douchebook sued themselves for copyrighting stupidity in its entirety and instantly imploded up their own collective assholes.
A Douchebook only went and copyrighted living and breathing.
A paranoid Douchebook sued Sesame Street for using the letters F, O, A, D and a huge steaming number 2.
A Douchebook put a gun in his mouth but sued the world for his pain instead.
Douchebook - arseface, what's the difference?
Blame humanity for your inadequacies like a dirty little rotten Douchebook.
by Swiss Toni November 26, 2010
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Another name for a netbook. (Small portable laptop designed primarily for access to the Internet.) Term can also be used for any sized Macbook.
"Hey guys i got my self a netbook!"

"Don't you mean a douche"
by Fu$e November 28, 2009
Another (more realistic) name for Facebook, especially when their site runs like shit, notices don't go out, screens lock up, and their crappy server fails.
Thanks a lot for the lock-up, douchebook. FFS
by Holly M S May 25, 2010

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