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A douchebanger is a girl who repeatedly has sex or hooks up with complete douchebags. She may be slightly aware or completely in denial. She does it on a regular basis, and has not been well exposed to other types of men... normal guys who have manners, normal taste in clothing, and know how to treat a lady
"Wow she's such a douchebanger, I can't believe she's going home with that douche-sack." Girls who usually have low sel-esteem or think they know what is "cool" sleep with douchebags. Therefore, she is a douchebanger.
by Kitty Ellen March 22, 2009
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Some one who is a fuck up, slow, retarded, or screws others over. All derogatory words fit this word.
That guy is such a Douchebanger!
by MisterTim December 10, 2009
a type of mostly sucky, somewhat compulsory gathering or get-together marked by the attendance of primarily douchebags and douchebaguettes.
I'm totally pissed I have to go to this karaoke retirement party for my boss, it's going to be a total douchebanger.
by kbesque June 30, 2010
Person that has anal sex with a Douchebag OR A Douchemoron.
Go screw your douchebag boyfriend you douchebanger.
by shoromeo December 18, 2008

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