A very homosexual game played in P.E. class.
Dude, I dont want to play doucheball today, it sucks ass.
by A^Train November 30, 2004
Top Definition
A word used to describe a person that is extremly annoying or rude. This word describes someone that can also be categorized as a douchebag. They are the kind of person that is just acting like a dick for no reason whatsoever.

Also can be used to describe someone that acts better than everyone. This person feels they are higher up on the social ladder because of a fancy car or big house.
"That last customer threw his money at me like I was some kind of cheap whore, what a Doucheball!"

"Steve is such a fucking Doucheball!"
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008
a big o'l ball of douche
Why do you have to be such a doucheball?
by Carlos9322 April 26, 2010
a game played by people who act like a douche.
person 1: wow these guys love to play Douche Ball!

person 2: yep!
by CarmelitasLover May 10, 2010
1.] taking the contents of a douche bag and concentrating it into a solid form of a ball, therefore, making it a complete douche ball.
2.] one step above being a douche bag (a complete idiot who doesnt know anything they are talking about)
Wow, Alex B. over there is a complete douche ball.
by RendeisaG November 14, 2010
1. When a man's genitalia is fairly clean. Usually because the man is a germaphobe and cleans his tunk with a douche.

2. Slang. Negative slander used when something unpleasant has happened.
Girl: "Wow, that's pretty clean. You must have Douche Balls."
Guy: "Why yes, yes I do."

Guy One: "Ahh man, Our van was broken into and all our gear was stolen."
Guy Two: "Douche Balls..."
by Mr. Piklington August 17, 2010
1) Similar to the Downey Ball, except for the cleaning of the female genetalia
2) You, you fucking douche ball!
1) "My Vagina is quite dirty, I need a Douche ball!"
2)"Look at me, I'm a stupid little douche ball
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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