Double dipping is an act performed by a male that involves the act of penetrating two or more different vaginas on two separate occasions during a normal business day with his penis. Often times it is considered customary to avoid washing of the penis between "dips". Although many consider this non-sanitary and often thought to accomplice the spread of sexually transmitted disease, a true boss will perform a "double dip" in this manner. Although this is a prize form of double dipping it is not required for an official double dip, and washing of the penis will not void the action of a double dip.
On my birthday for breakfast I met up with Cinderella, who is a real dirty bird, who bought me breakfast and fucked me. Shortly there after for lunch I met Snow White and she also fucked me, followed by Jasmine for drinks who also fucked me. And then Snow White came back by and performed falacio before spending the night not knowing I had been double dipping cunts the entire day.
by *KING* February 25, 2013
Top Definition

Double dipping is a generally frowned upon act where a person at a party with snacks dips a chip he/she has already taken a bite out of into the dip a second time.

It has nothing to do with anal-to-vaginal sex >(
People who double dip (BOTH definitions) are unhygienic douchebags.

Srsly. Double dipping is just plain gross.
by Mary_Joanna February 08, 2011
Term used for the sex act known as either ass to pussy, A2P, ATP or spetic vagina. This invloves the active partner swapping between fucking the ass of a woman to fucking the pussy of a woman multiple times during sex. The cock or object will not usually be washed making for a higher chance of infection.
"That bitch loved it last night when I tried some Double Dipping with her, she has probably got a shitty pussy now but I don't care."
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
The act of getting with more then one girl/guy in one night, or cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend
Yo we're about to go double dipping tonight!
by Fanta nigs September 06, 2010
When you penetrate anal and vagina one right after the other.
"Dude, she got some sort of infection in her vagina because we've been double dipping for like 8 months!"
by DoubletheDipping_DoubletheCum March 22, 2010
The act of paying for one movie ticket and sneaking into a second movie.
Let's go double dipping Thor and Hangover Pt II!
by ItsLeslieChow May 29, 2011
v. 1) Dipping twice into any kind of salsa, dip substance, ect after already taking a bite from a chip or other food object.
2) A sexual encounter involving both biting or nibbling, while engaging in humping or lunging on another individual.
In the film Bram Stoker's Dracula there is a scene where the monster (wolf-man) Dracula is having sex with Mina Harken's red-headed girlfriend, while biting her. Dracula's sexual moves are double-dipping, which for him involves the drinking of one's blood, while having sex with them.
by Andrew R. G. January 31, 2006
The repeated act of fully pulling out and fully insertion of the penis during sex into the rectal cavity or vagina.
He was "double dipping" my ass so hard, it was the best sex of my life.
by wolfboi84 August 16, 2011

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