yeah what they said , only it applies to both genders..
dude did you see that chick what a DoubleBagger!! Dude did you see him? that was doublbagging material if i ever have seen one!
by natalie July 15, 2003
a female that is not very attractive but has a nice body that you need to not only put one bag over her face you need two!
that chick had some nice titties but was a double-bagger!
by tim e. from verm! March 24, 2004
A "bagger" is a term for someone who is below par on the attractive scale, so below you have to put a bag over their head.
A "double-bagger" is someone so hideous, you have to put a bag not only over their head, but your own.
"I heard you had sex with that really nasty skank who's always at the bars on Mondays."

"Yeah, I was so wasted,she was a complete double-bagger."
by Lady Of The Valley March 16, 2009
When your sack mate's face isn't up to par/will make you vomit and then choke on it in horror, you put a brown paper bag over their head and one over yours, just in case theirs falls off
yeah man you should have seen her, i feel bad for the bag. total double bagger
by supernabes January 17, 2009
When a girl is so nasty that you feel the need to use two condoms.
Man that girl has been around. She's definitely a double bagger.
by library guy April 19, 2010
A girl so ugly and utterly revolting you must put two bags over her head.... just incase one rips
"Oh man did you see that chick? what a double bagger"
"ya wow... no amount of drinks could make her look decent"
by Miss. Awesome March 24, 2009
Refers to a woman, whose mustache is so thick, you have to put two bags over her head to keep her whiskers from poking through.
I was at the doctor the other day, and both the doctor and her nurse were double baggers.
by Twistedtrishster & Kristine December 30, 2010
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