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wet cum. When semen gets in water such as in a hot tub it becomes hard and looks like a jellyfish.
I jacked in the shower and left a jellyfish sitting in the drain.
by libraryguy July 28, 2009
When your dick falls out the bottom of your underware of through the hole in the front.

First used by William Boland in 1989
I was walking down the street and all of the sudden I got an animal unleashed. The little guy was flopping everywhere.
by libraryguy June 26, 2009
Inversion of jack ass. When calling someone a jackass is not enough you can refer to them as an assjack
That guy is worse than a jack ass he's a real assjack
by libraryguy March 04, 2010
Titty Hard On.

Coined by William Boland in 1989. Although most likely used before then.
That girl was either cold or she liked what she saw cause she had a major T.H.O.
by Libraryguy June 25, 2009
someone may give themselves a tuneup before going on a date to relieve any sexual worries ahead of time.
by libraryguy June 25, 2009
To perform oral sex on a girl. When a girls legs are spread her body makes the shape of a Y. Can be used in everyday conversation because many people will just assume you at down at the YMCA.
Man I finally experienced eatin' down at the Y last night. I alot more tasty that I expected.
by libraryguy February 04, 2010
Stopping a toilet however not to the point of overflowing, just stopping it up and leaving the remains for the next guy.
I used the bathroom at that restaurant and the damn thing wouldn't flush I pulled a Binford.
by libraryguy June 29, 2009

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