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The Greatest Of All Greats
To be Great
Wow that guy over there is a Dorn.

dont Fuck with him.
by ...??......??... April 17, 2007
A slightly different way of saying "darn," or "damn". Heard mostly in SC.
"You see that cute guy over there, checking you out?"
"Dorn! That boy is fine!"
"Wanna go to the club tonight?"
"No, I'm have to work."
"Oh, dorn. That sucks."
by missthang12 May 31, 2009
A Dorn is a person who is a math genius, and who incredibly annoying at times, but is actually nice when he wants to be. A Dorn is effervescent, and is probably Japanese with a British Best Friend. A Dorn is an amazing person who will change your life, for better, or for worse, either way, but definitely irreversibly changed.
1:Hey, that guy, Dorn, he's my Best Friend!
2:You must be British.
1:Yeah, thanks, Captain Obvious!
2:Your welcome, Sergeant Sarcastic!! Captain Obvious, AWAY!!
by A person who knows a Dorn... March 03, 2012

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