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One of the most confusing, interesting girls out there. Careful.
Doreen's fun to hang-out with, but you never know what's gonna happen.
by Somebody's Me December 09, 2007
The best example of Motherhood. The most inspirational and motivational person you could meet. If your confused then she has you where she wants you. If she only knew she could have it all just by walking alongside her Man.
Doreen= Jacob, GED-Associate Degree-(Soon)Bachelors Degree, Employed, Loved by Family friends and enemies.
by Lusac The Gr8gzu February 07, 2010
One Of The Most Amazing Girls You Could Ever Meet , She's Sexy,Cute,Adorable And Beautiful And She Also Likes To Have A lot Of Fun And Party. She Speaks Her Mind And Is Very Honest , She's A Shu Person Especially Around Boys
by maliba February 20, 2012
some1 whu doesnt like to have fun. DEFF HAITAN. think the world revovles around her when it doesn't. just aplian old hater.
i HATE UR SHIRT. hey, dont be such a doreen.
by TYPE#KOOL November 04, 2010
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